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Blush Slush

Indulge in frosty delights with our slush machine hire service! Not only do we offer the classic fruity slushies, but we take it up a notch by serving refreshing alcoholic slushies too. Whether you're craving a tangy Margarita, a tropical Piña Colada, or a zesty Vodka Lemonade, our skilled bartenders will tailor the flavours to suit your taste. Add a unique twist to your event and let your guests sip on these icy treats that are sure to be a hit! Get in touch with us today to include our tantalising alcoholic slushies in your customised hire package.

Frozen Margarita

A summer classic with that Tequila boost!

Strawberry Daiquiri

Savour the taste of summer with our luscious Strawberry Daiquiri slushy!


The Blush

Frozen Margarita, topped with Strawberry Daiquiri and a shot of Pink Gin.

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