The Most Curious Wedding Fair @ The Fire Pit Camp.

Updated: May 26, 2021

Well, we didn't know quite what to expect! TMCWF was our first ever exhibition and introduction to the wedding world and WOW!

What a business to be in, surrounded by love, and incredibly innovative people. Here's some of our favourite parts of the day, who they are and why we think they're just awesome. It's tough not to mention everyone, as they are all magical in their own way. For the full directory list, click here.

Quick thanks to those at The Fire Pit Camp and Most Curious for our last minute booking to come and exhibit, squeezing us in by the giant gnomes 😈

Our event highlights are just below our little gallery!

Give them some love and let's support our LOCALS!


Chris at DECK is the oracle of balloon creations. And what's not to love?

Just a quick scope around the Fire Pit warehouse and you can spot DECK immediately. Each installation Chris creates reminds me of the innocent and care free days as a child. And in that split second moment, it's pure comfort. Chris also oozes calmness and makes anyone in his presence feel, well, a bit like his balloons do!

Well worth checking out some of his previous work, from adorable little birthday gifts to complete balloon bonanzas.


Petal & Metal Bridal

We first met these guys when they were stuck in 2 foot deep mud in the carpark! Little did we know what beauty lie within that van. Delicate and gorgeous in every way, pretty mind blowing actually. There's nothing rushed about these unique pieces, and in a world of madness and fast pace, taking a step forward to admire these creations really makes you feel serenity and inner peace.


La Lune Domes

INSTANT collaboration ideas sprung to mind when we first set eyes on La Lune Domes. How cute are they!? With the self-build weddings becoming more and more popular, these domes are an epic option to get cover from the elements in a field, especially with our weather 🙃 - In-fact, being in one makes you feel you WANT it to rain! To me, there's nothing more therapeutic than hearing the rain above your head whilst being warm and cosy beneath. With a little planning to be done, we're hoping to organise some pretty wicked events in the middle of nowhere with these guys 😉


Buns Of Fun

How can we not give our dear friend Emma at Buns of Fun a shout out? She only baked our wedding, baby shower #1 and #2 cake! Our children were pretty much grown by Ems cakes in the womb! Having a wife who is a cake connoisseur, I know that Emmas cakes are something special because I'm never allowed near them. Not to mention the time and effort that goes into each cake that makes each one unique. This floating masterpiece was set on some clear perspex to give that floating look. Epic. She's also won a bunch of awards and is a pretty damn cool person to be around.


Sirrah Flowers

There's something special about the thought of your wedding flowers lasting forever... Sirrah create some seriously aesthetically pleasing arrangements, their neutral tones are soft to the eye and somewhat angelic. Angels never age right? Whats cool is their arrangements will look the same on the day you got married to celebrating your 70th wedding anniversary. Taking you back to that moment in a flash.




It's hard not to notice how amazing the hair and styling was at the show. Deb and her team really hit the nail on the head with this one. In my opinion, it's easy to go too wild and create looks that are just too out there, however the squad at Hairsmiths have balanced their hairstyles so well it compliments the beauty of the model and what they're wearing. Super impressive. Not to mention Deb whipped away my three year old daughter and got her walking down the catwalk with her own daughter Dali. A proud papa moment and a total tear jerker.


A Lovers Thread

Sophie ran over to us taking pictures before the doors even opened. Snapping away complimenting our little truck... When I headed over to her stand, we actually had way more in common that what you may think. Breathing new life into vintage. Exactly what we did with our Bella! And let's face it, they don't make them like they used to, sometimes they may just need a little cut and stitch (or weld). There's so much beauty behind her dresses, so much texture to feel and gaze upon. Exquisite, pure and delightful. What's not to love?


Naya Bridal

The story behind Evie (founder of Naya Bridal) is wholesome. Most of the human race lives in a throw away world. From coffee cups to wedding dresses. Even if the dresses aren't thrown away, they're at least worn once then stored in an attic somewhere, almost forgotten about and most certainly neglected. Evie founded her company from the belief of sustainability- reworking preloved dresses, reusing fabrics, reducing waste and ultimately creating dresses that are totally stunning. There's no import fabrics from third world countries, unethical labour or any nasties with this company, and for that, I love it.


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