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The big launch ๐Ÿš€

So after two or three lockdowns we finally managed to get our little truck up and running, serving some wicked drinks to some wicked people.

As you'd have probably seen from our promo posts, our event was at Salhouse broad. An idyllic location to sit back, chill, eat some great food and sip on some ice cold drinks...

As newbies to the business, what we never realised was how awesome the relationships formed would be, just great folks that want to bring good times to people.

So who did we have come visit?

Redwell Brewery-

We had our truck built in Barcelona which naturally felt we should source our beer from Spain, however as locals wanting to support locals, as well as helping our planet. We sourced our beer from a magical little place not far from where we live. Less than 10 miles in-fact. And it's brewed with unicorn tears.

Redwell is epic, they've helped us as complete newbies to the business to learn how to pour that perfect pint... And believe me, it's an art!

Redwell beers are both gluten free and vegan, meaning that anyone can enjoy them! It was cool over the weekend to hear that we attracted gluten free drinkers to the event just because we had Redwell on. The beer is brewed in small batches so it's not sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. Which is why it's aways so easy and tasty to drink ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Proud to have such a brewery in the heart of our fine city.

The Urban Eatery -

Freddie and his team produce some great food. The menu over this weekend consisted from fully loaded BBQ'd vegan burgers, Super slow cooked brisket to Miso Lime pork belly. The menu went down an absolute storm and word from the campsite, everyone was satisfied! I'd like to express a huge thanks to the team at Urban Eatery for joining us this weekend, and bringing along their foodie fans. The instagram stories and tags were awesome to look through. It certainly left us thinking of what else we can do together in the future.

If you missed out, you can catch them at Mysa bar in Norwich castle grounds or at their HQ at the Fat Cat and Canary on Thorpe road.

The Urban Eatery

Norfolk Paddle Boards -

I met Lee (director of NPB) not too long before the event. I was invited over for a social SUP alongside 20+ other gents to have a 'talk on the water' regarding mens mental health and other great things. Then before you know it, Lee had sold out his tours on the broad over our weekend. Paddle and a pint, or paddle and a Prosecco?! Either or it worked and left a bunch of people happy. It was a total touch to the weekend, splitting up time on land with the tranquility of time on the water. Something that must happen again soon.

If you're interested on renting a board, taking a lesson or going out for a social SUP- You can catch him at the River Garden or Red Lion Bishopgate, both pubs are super close to the city and mean you can float down the river seeing Norwich from a compeltely different perspective... All bookings can be made easily on their website... You might even get to see Lees adorable little pup Torvi!

ComminiTea -

We met Judy at our first wedding exhibition and instantly had the idea of having her gorgeous chocolates as a chaser to the food from The Urban Eatery. And what a success! Rolling up at about 7.30pm, we had a quick run around the broad telling people the chocolate had arrived. Less than an hour later, there was none left!

From naughty adult 'gin and Prosecco' choccys to kiddies lolli-pops. All made with love, good ingredients and with the intention to bring smiles to peoples faces. CommuniTea is a brand new company, the story behind it is wholesome. And it's worth a read here.

Truly, we can't recommend these guys enough.

All of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the total legends at Salhouse broad, or the people that came to make it such a success... We had a full campsite over the weekend and poured pints like there was no tomorrow on Sunday!

Thanks to all who made it happen, and stay tuned for the next one!

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