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Updated: May 24, 2021

It was difficult to see the end vision when VTP sent us a pic of the Piaggio Ape they had picked for us to build. From a rust bucket to a Prosecco Truck... I mean, could you!?

It wasn't known until VTP took the rear part off that Bella started life as a dumper truck! We thought she was a mere truck! It's beautiful to wonder how many roads she zipped down, picking up and dropping off goodness knows what... We do have her logbook so we have a brief history, albeit in Italian!

The first stages in restoration was to reinforce the chassis and build the box which will house the beer system. We had a tough choice when it came to adding an engine at a big cost and losing valuable room for our beer system and storage, so we made the decision to lose the engine and fabricate a frame that the beer system would sit on. The beer system itself is a python line cooling system that came from a bar in Barcelona. It's commercial grade, over kill for a 70 year old truck, but way reliable and serves ice cold pints in seconds!

Next was a big task - getting the body work up to spec. Not easy as the original bodywork doesn't have one straight line to work with! Everything has to be done meticulously and by hand. This is exactly when lockdown hit our friends in Spain, so work slowed down quite considerably, especially for a job that took a lot of time... Anyway, after the measures got eased last summer in Spain, it got done and here's some pics of her stages of body repair!

And just like that, she was ready for paint! Our original plan was to paint her grey, but the boys at VTP had just finished a prototype Vesbar in this amazing blue. So at the last minute, that's what we went with.

Next were the details. And this is when VTP said "just trust us on this"... So we did... We got regular pics of what was happening, and then we could see everything starting to come together...

And then before you know it - the final photos came....

It was a wonderful moment, from a neglected worn out vehicle to a true work of art.

It's tough to put into words how happy we are with her. A one of a kind Prosecco and Beer truck that will hit the Norfolk wedding and events community with a bang.

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